Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Asian Dudes Take Care Of Their Women

Interracial Marriage Trends (2001-2010).

James over at Alpha Asian posted this interesting YouTube video about the most recent trends in interracial dating. According to the guy in the video, although Asian women/white men pairings are still the most common interracial relationships in American society, the rate at which Asian men are out-marrying is approaching parity with Asian females.........

Of particular interest is the apparent lower divorce rates of Asian male/white female, and Asian male/Asian female pairings compared to that of Asian female/white male pairings and the general national divorce rate. This is interesting for a number of reasons.

If these statistics are true, it suggests that as a general rule, Asian men take care of their women and have the goods to maintain successful long-term relationships. It might also suggest that those white and Asian women that marry Asian men may well be taking care of their Asian man better than those married to white dudes.

That's how awesome Asian dudes must be. Keep up the good work everybody!



  1. Finally! Nice guys get their props for being stable. Here's what I noted about the video on my blog:

    I think the data does say something about how Asian men and the women they marry choose their mates and how they view commited relationships. Not everybody is meant for marriage, but I guess a lot of Asian men are!

    Also of note in this video is the slight trend of AF/WM divorces. I've known some people who got divorced, some AM/AF and some WM/AF.

    There's always a discrepancy between how the husband and wife view their commitment and what it involves. When guys get married, they tend to relax and not put as much into the relationship.

    Women, on the other hand, always want you to be more involved in the relationship and marriage is just a formal way of solidifying that involvement.

  2. Hi James

    I left a reply on your blog, but I also want to add here that I think that white male privilege may also play a part in the appalling divorce rates in America.

    Privilege means not having to answer to anyone, and that is not a good quality to bring into a marriage, and it doesn't seem too far-fetched to believe that this kind of privilege will find it's way into personal relationships.

  3. Of the AF/WM marriages that I've known that ended in divorce, yes white privilege does seem to come into play. Once the AF's have divorced, they either still look for another WM exclusively or they start looking for an AM specifically.

    Everybody's different, but usually after a traumatic thing like divorce, people say to themselves, "I want to do something completely different. I am so through with ..."