Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Of Europe's Most Powerful Men....

....Is Vietnamese.

Meet Phillip Rösler, born in Vietnam, adopted by a German family, achieved the rank equivalent to Captain in the German army's medical corp, husband, and father, presently serving as the Vice-Chancellor of Germany, and as such is the second highest ranking official in the government of Europe's strongest economic power.

Sounds like an interesting character. I don't know how this guy overcame the barriers (if any) imposed by his ethnicity and gender but it's nice to think that Rösler may have been the outsider who rose above his expected limitations.

Remember the above picture because it represents an image of Asian men that American culture fears above almost everything - an empowered and powerful Asian man not limited by demeaning stereotypes, nor emasculated by xenophobia. Sometimes becoming powerful or empowered involves little more than a realization that  the state of being powerful is simply your natural state - the dilemma being that we live in a society that actively seeks to disconnect Asian men from the belief that this state is natural to them.

Princes being made to plough the fields, if you will.


  1. Second highest ranking in Germany? That's incredible! Where did you find this? Pretty ironic that it happened in Germany, of all places!

    I'm going to repost. Thanks!

  2. Hi bWW

    There's alot of news over here about the Eurozone crisis and Germany is getting alot of media coverage - I happened to notice this guy in one media report and wondered who he was. Boy was I surprised when I found out!

  3. Noteworthy, but not as uncommon as you would think. There are a lot of powerful Asian men in high places now and it's accelerating with the rise of Asia. For instance, the recently appointed COO of recently is Asian. It's just not made all that public but it's everywhere.

    One's confidence should not be drawn so much from his race, rather what he has accomplished and continues to so with every day that goes by.

  4. Hi Masir

    Yes, publicity for powerful Asian men is a big no-no.

    But I do think this guy is particularly unique precisely because he would seem to have such an important part in determining the economic future of Germany and hence the entire European union.

    He truly has the potential to be one of the most influential men of our era.

  5. I love seeing AM/WF couples and being successful and positively portrayed.

    Germany seems much more accepting and receptive/supportive toward Asian Male/White Female interracial pairings than the hypocritical US.

    Please look for "Rice on White: AM/WF Erotic Tales" on Amazon Kindle. Support AM/WF in all media.


  6. There should be an article "The smartest woman in America... is Vietnamese" Bunker buster was US motivation / response to 9/11. Because of this technology it has save thousands of US soldiers in Afgan.