Friday, February 1, 2013

Feminine Asian Guys

Mainstream America Reaping The Rewards Of Racial Stereotyping...

Saw this on Angry Asian Man recently.............

As you can see, a group of American guys of Asian descent apparently attack a couple of white guys in a parking lot somewhere in Boston. Initial reports - here and here - strongly hint that the two white guys were innocent victims of a motiveless attack. Of course, it could all be a drink-driven brawl amongst random club-goers but I have my doubts.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was some casual racism - as modeled by America's culture - directed at the Asians by the white guys who probably didn't realize that they didn't have numerical superiority. My guess would be that the aggressive comeuppance wasn't expected by the white dudes because Asians are timid! If I'm wrong in my conjecture, then apologies ahead of time.

I'm not condoning violence, but I certainly believe that if there were racial epithets and baiting taking place, then the reaction of the Asian guys is perfectly normal for American culture. The problem, naturally, derives from America's culture which normalizes racist behaviour towards Asians, and, through stereotyping, creates the belief that Asians are soft targets who will not respond to harassment.

My sense is that persistent depictions of Asians as timid pushovers coupled with media deomnization and dehumanization, lay the groundwork for hostility and promotes overly-aggressive behaviour towards Asian people. In the coming years, as Asians become more vocal and confident both as individuals and a group, I fully expect to see the anti-Asian hate-crimes perpetrated in America's media become increasingly implicated in stoking violent confrontations between mainstream Americans (conditioned to believe that anti-Asian racism is normal) and culturally marginalized - but increasingly confident - Americans of Asian descent who refuse to be treated like society's whipping boys.


  1. Seems one of the European males had an Asian girlfriend, nice blog BTW.

  2. Hi ethnicmuse, and welcome.

    Yes I noticed the same thing - it didn't help her BF though!

    I'm glad you like my blog - I like what you are doing on your site too and have been reading it for several months now. Feel free to stop by anytime.

  3. shame there was a white girl seen amongst the asian gang, but maybe thats what it was about. defending rights to inter-racially date, okay for white males but not for asian males...