Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wimpy Asian Guys?

Five Filipinos Take On Dozens.....

Don't know if those are really Filipinos, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were. LOL!


  1. I just want to say one thing here. The good thing about filipinos and viets are that they are not from the upper class level of asians like Chinese, so they know how to defend and fight. Chinese on the other hand dont always know how to fight because they are so much time making money.

    Unfortunately to gain respect in this day and age in western world you need to show you are tough but Chinese by and large arent like this or if they its usually inter-bitching rather than against whites.

    So onto the broader picture , with China economy etc Chinese also need to show their toughness otherwise its just about money.

    Bottom line: Chinese can learn something from Viets and Filipinos in a western world,intentionally look down on non-Asians. that would be progress step no 1. this would make progress step 2 - fighting back at a moments notice a lot easier.

    So in short - move away from the model minority and embrace the fili-viet status.

    And if that means being black i disagree, while you can respect black culture, blacks have their own issues. Asians are asian dont need any other race to look up to/look out for.

    1. Well, I don't really buy the idea that upper class is synonymous with not being able to fight, and I don't buy it that Viets and Filipinos are lower class.

      Fighting is human nature, fighting back against bullying is normal. The problem is that many Asian-Americans probably are not in tune with the aggressive aspects of their cultures of origin - since most Asian kids experience bullying in schools, and the racist attitudes which propagate this phenomenon are normalized, in addition to the lack of meaningful role-modeling, means that some Asian dudes (perhaps this part of the feminization of the Asian voice) seem to have this (efette) idea that fighting is beneath them. That has nothing to do with class, culture, or race - it is the of being excluded from cultural norms.

    2. Sure I agree from a generalised angle, the lack of role model plus often molly coddling of the asian son and the attempt to remove our sexual attractiveness from media all contributes.

      But i still think in terms of cultural groups,certain asian groups will when cornered will fight their ground against non-asians, eg koreans, filipinos and viets who i know are more fiesty.

      It is is a money thing. Chinese tend to have more, and focus on that, even pursuing it to the point of selling out on asians. Chinese make up the biggest population in AAs and have the biggest history. Their lack of political activism has made it more difficult for the other asians to create coherency.

      Its a generalisation, but its partly true. And if you want more specifics, its the hong kong chinese who are a colonised bunch in the first place. trust me when i say bruce lee is a complete one off. you can even see in hong kong how they look up to whites, its pathetic.

      i dont blame hong kongers because british colonisation is responsible for their identity so its a given in many ways, but in a way i do because for so long they made up the majority of overseas chinese and are therefore culpable for most of the damage when it comes to the public face of 'racism doesnt exist angle'

      money cannot buy respect, and whether you like it or not, power lies in the masses, and in the case of asians in the west, the masses are largely they should be leading the way on all fronts, including pioneering asian pride. im chinese btw and my mother's tongue is cantonese.

    3. Maybe the immigrant tendency to "keep your head down, study, and don't make waves", may have something to do with it. But I think that being raised in a culture where it is normal and commonplace for Asians to be racially targeted the moment they step foot into their first school, probably does much to pacify that fighting instinct.

      I can't speak for Koreans and Viets, but as a Filipino, I grew up hearing stories of Filipino men in my family doing extremely masculine and aggressive things - I have an ancestor who boxed at featherweight, but regularly took on American fighters up to the welterweight class. And another uncle who escaped a Japanese POW camp, was recaptured, but survived a couple of years in terrible conditions.

      I'm sure that Chinese boys growing up in China are exposed to such stories of masculine "heroism" and it could be that the lack of a masculine cultural voice in Asians the US stifles this process.

    4. I agree there is that need for a masculine hero, Jeremy Lin, a good one. Hes repping now in Taiwan and China.

      Hong Kong and Filipines also needs to fix its politics, i think this will be smoothened as China takes hold.

      Regardless Asians in the west shouldnt sit around waiting for Asia to come together. This will happen as a natural course, as China gains economic stronghold. As western living /born Asians the bare mininum we need to do , given the racist media and lack of cultural backbone that will support so called radicalists who only want a fair voice, is continue to keep the online dialog flowing ie your blog, bigWOWO and any others with a political conscience by whatever means possible, until Asia itself, the target of NWO/ western imperialism has made its mark. Western born Asians are the voice of a united Asia, out of necessity, not choice.

  2. haha at 4:06 wtf