Thursday, June 18, 2015

Editing Is A Bitch

Another Update......

Way back in November of last year I wrote that I had completed my novel, was beginning the process of editing, and was slowing my blogging activity because of this. I had hoped to have the novel finished and either published via a publishing company or (more likely) self-published, probably with Amazon by this summer.

Unfortunately - as the title of this post suggests - editing is turning out to be a far more laborious and painstaking process than I could ever have imagined. My wife is doing the edit and we have, so far, passed the edit between us three times which has taken months. She did the initial edit and gave it to me, I approved - or not - her edit but also found things that I wanted to change! This process has happened three times, which may be normal for the editing process, I don't honestly know.

Every time I read back through the book I find things that I want to fine tune. What I am realizing is that the editing process may not have a natural end point, and that at some point one has to simply say "enough!" and move forward to the next stage of the process. Anyways this is still the reason why my blog productivity has been diminished.

As for the novel, it is an Asian-American historical thriller. I won't promise readers Shakespearean high-literature, but I also know it won't have many - or any - of the qualities typically present in the most highly-regarded Asian-American literature that finds itself embraced by mainstream America. I certainly do not expect mainstream America to embrace my novel! I do promise, however, a narrative of the Asian-American experience that is honest and, in some ways, uncompromising.

Stay posted, will have a new post up within the next few days.


  1. i cant wait to read it.

    1. Thanks! I really hope to have it ready for publication before the end of the year.